Friday, 13 February 2009

Not Just another world event

As you are probably all aware this week "love is in the air", and normally i would choose to rant on how its another feature designed to encourage us to run around like mand men for a week trying to get all the achievements, however today i learnt the real magic of love week.

As of writing this i still dont have all the achievements, but i seem to be collecting bags full of crap i have no use for. It also strikes me that the trade channel is full of people selling rockets, flowers & love fools! and theres money to be made. The economist in me says "sell them 1g below your nearest competitor.... make a mint", but i choose to ignore this voice and instead i keep an eye out for people requesting items....

  • Along come a human warlock, and she requires some rockets...
  • I drop her a quick whisperer saying that if shes makes her way to Ironforge i have 5 rockets she can have for free.
  • 5 minutes later she appears, and offers me a variety of holiday items, none of which i need.
  • I reassure her i dont want anything in return and theyre more use to her.
  • She trades, says goodbye and leaves.
  • I continue to fish for 5 mins and i get a whisper.
  • Said warlock has now completed all the holiday achievements and is a "love fool"
  • She extends her gratitude again and trades me a candy....

Get this, and this is what makes wow worth it every now and again!

the candy reads....... "You're the Best!!"