Thursday, 12 February 2009

Heaven on Earth

Okay, so i dont really know where these thoughts come from, but this one sprouted from nowhere earlier today. You're gonna have to bear with me though cos i havent ironed out of the wrinkles in this one, of which there are quite a few.

Essentially i was thinking about that nifty little shammy talent known as heroism. Now, this is an excellent little buff and 30% increase in cast speed is excellent, however i was thinking about this a little more and thought how cool it would be if there was a similar priest talent which directly increased healing.

There are some huge flaws in such a spell, including how overpowered this plus heroism would be in a single boss encounter, however none the less, it would be pretty epic.

Heaven on Earth
20% of base mana
Causes all party and raid members
to become enlightend, increasing
healing taken by 300 for 30 seconds.

After the completion of this effect, players
will suffer from spiritual revelation for 5 minutes
and unable to benefit from enlightment.

Anyway, maybe if i get Kestrel to put this up we may even see it in the next patch..... heres hoping.


Kestrel said...

Well, it might have helped to have linked to me directly, instead of relying on a party line. *grin*

(Wait...does anyone but me know what a party line is???) LOL

ANYWAY...I love the spell!! I'm assuming the 300 increase in healing is before buffs and talents? :)


Anonymous said...

That spell would make me do a jig, and I ain't jigged in ages! Although I hate split hairs, but wouldn't it be Heaven on Azeroth?