Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Split personality

Ive talked about dual specs before, and im sure as the info comes flying in from the PTR I will mention it again. So far we know that they are coming, and we know how they will work (i.e. how we switch), but up until today we knew nothing about the cost of dual spec’ing.

What will you pay?

On the current build, it is going to set you back 1000g to learn how to dual spec.In my experience, by the time you hit 80, you will probably have acquired in excess of this cash requirement, however I guess the more pertinent question is, is it enough?

For example, flying mounts. At the time, the newest cash sink was the ability to fly, for most the initial flying skill did not cause cash flow problems, however to be privileged enough to be able to get an epic mount would have required a fare amount of grinding.

For me blizz had set the bar about right… “lets make sure everyone can use the new ability, but give it two levels”, kind of like economy and first class.

Clearly there probably isn’t the flexibility for a similar arrangement here, and whilst I can’t argue with the current low cost of dual spec’s, I can’t help but wonder if it is right?

Given that a gigantic bag set you back 1200g in TBC, and the amount of cash people are accumulating at the moment, should a game changing ability only cost 1000g, and if you are setting it low so that everyone can get it anyway, why charge at all?

1000g seems like a nice round number, but I would still envisage blizz rescaling the amount at some point, and it leads me to my question for the community…

What would you pay for dual-specs and what will blizz set the price on the live realms?