Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Priest Racials get the Chop

I read through this post a number of times, and I wanted desperately for my feeling of anguish to come out, but instead the post seemed to fall apart. It has no real structure and adds no real value to the ongoing debate, which is why I almost pulled it, but none the less, here it is.

A topic of much discussion today is the demise of the priest racial talents. Interestingly the views on this change aren’t as split as I had envisaged. The volume of people excited about being able to train some of these previously unobtainable spells is overwhelming. It leaves behind a minority of people such as myself who are left both shocked and maybe even a little distressed by the news.

I appreciate that we were the only class to have such unique abilities, but isn’t that half the beauty of our class. Every single race of priest was unique, we all had our own abilities to bring to the raid, and this in itself could change the tactic for any one fight. I still recall the days before Fearward was a non-racial ability, and how important it was for every raid to have a dwarf priest to hand.

I have felt an increasing trend in wow recently and more and more I find myself not playing my priest because of it. We now have 4 healing classes, and if you were splitting them over 40 people it wouldn’t be to bad, but over 10 and 25 it limits peoples chances of raiding. I understand this isn’t commonly a problem, but it bothers me, it bothers me that so many classes have become so flexible in the game, that it has removed the speciality of a class, and yet Im not always able to do the sole job I was designed for!!!

… I have gone completely off topic.

Admittedly I too am excited about the new expansion, the new talents and the fact I will now be able to use some of the previous locked racials, but I also mourn for those spells that have been lost, and the uniqueness that they brought to our class. In a world (of warcraft) where things are becoming ever more linear, surely its this uniqueness that adds character and value to not only the priest class but the game itself!!!