Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Playing (wow) with your Partner?

As I think I mentioned in my original post, my partner and I originally met on WoW, and so the game will always be an important part of our lives. However as our relationship developed we were no longer able to play wow together. Admittedly this is probably a lot to do with my attitude towards the game, I take it to seriously and always want to be the best…. But it was also because we both played priests, and both had our own styles, theories etc etc…

I still think our best times were when I was playing my warrior, we (I) weren’t competing with each other for gear and things (again, I take all this stuff to seriously).

So, just before we bought a place together, my better half switched back to our old server, where she now resides with her main toons. For the most part this is a good idea, we don’t fight about wow as much and we have the opportunity to socialise with other people whilst both enjoying the game.

However, I really miss levelling with her. Sure we can go to a server and start to level alts again, but you always want to get back to your main (and main alts) to do instances etc and I find that you never really get past lvl 20 or so. I’d really love to go back to our old server before WOTLK so we can level to 80 together, but I worry that the same old problems will arise.

I know a few couples on WoW and for the most part they seem to manage their RL/in-game relationships fine. Is there anyone else out there who plays with their partner, or do you have to play on separate servers? How to you manage the strain of having a real life and ingame relationship? How does it affect the way you play wow?

Last minute dot com

Again, not been much blogging of late, but ive been super busy…. The more warcraft I play the less time I have to post!!

Since my last update ive completed another Kara run…. No healing loot to speak of this time, but some off spec gear that will come in handy for grinding!

Other than that I haven’t really played the priest much, haven’t really had the available time to do any instance runs either so ive been mainly dipping in and out of my hunter for the last week or so.

Im just shy of level 54 now, so im still looking good to get to 70 pre-wotlk, although get my mage and lock to the same level seems doubtful!

Really enjoying the hunter, although I forgot what it was like to do everything in under par greens. It certainly doesn’t make levelling it harder, but it would be nice to carry some decent gear… even something that matches my level would be nice!

Tay (warrior) is now exalted with SSO!!! And I cant really be bothered to carry on doing the dailies there, so my gold is starting to dry up a little! Im not overly concerned as once I get to outlands on Masa the gold will start to flow again!

I almost forgot….. The reason for the header to this blog!!

Im going on holiday for a week! We only actually decided on Friday Night that we wanted to go away, booked it Saturday, and then we fly out tonight… talk about a speed run!!

Despite how quickly its all come together I really need a break at the moment. Im feeling a little run down and the last thing I wanted was a long summer stuck in the office! Plus my Girlfriend has just finished some exams and it will be nice for her to take her mind off things!!

So until my return… happy hunting one and all!!