Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Ding Ding Ding!!!!

Ok, so those of you that are regular readers (hi Misty!!) will know that ive been leveling a hunter alt in between all those lovely Kara runs. Well finally i managed to get to 60!!!! Yeay!!! and subsequently have tamed myself a lovely looking new pet....

Isnt he pretty!!???!

Seriously though ive been waiting to tame this bad boy since i first saw him on petopia, and now i have!

Masahashi (Masa) is now at level 61, and tbh my main focus is to get her to 70 in the next few weeks and try and fit in a couple of Kara runs with her. Its really the first time that ive played a class which is designed to hurt stuff and im really enjoying it....

Anyway, after a week on holiday away from the laptop i have lots of posts on the reader to catch up on, so until next time....happy hunting!