Monday, 19 May 2008

One Last Thing

Just before i get back to work i wanted to tag the following blogs that ive been reading today. All very insightful and interesting to read, and i'll be sure to update the blogroll when i get home from work..


Raiding Spec's

Raiding specs

I was reading a post over at egotistical priest about different talent specs for different roles in the game. I’ll skip past the more obvious pvp/solo builds as they should be pretty self-explanatory. (May do a pvp post a bit later).

We then get to the stuff im particularly interested in which is the “instancing and raiding”.

The gist of it is that for 5 man instances you should have a holy or hybrid build, but once you get to raiding you’re expected to be shadow. The caveat in this post was that they’re only summarising what they have read on the boards and every priest is different.

That’s all well and good, but it highlights to me that guilds just aren’t looking for holy priests anymore, and that just doesn’t sit well with me. I haven’t raided post TBC, so I cant comment personally, but surely holy priests still provide value in raiding, other than just for spirit buffing?

Out of Touch

Reading the recent comments on the blog im starting to realise more and more that ive lost touch with WoW, but more specifically priest mechanics!

I thought that i knew it all when it came to my class and my role in groups. More and more this is becoming unclear to me.

Ive noticed increasingly that groups dont seem to look for a holy priest! There are so many capable healing classes out there now to do the job we used to do so well.

Is there space for four healing classes on wow? Are holy priests becoming obsolete? Will there be another shift in power before WOTLK?

that was a lot of questions, maybe they were more rhetorical than anything, but i would like to think that there is still space for holy priests on warcraft.