Monday, 21 July 2008

Have a break, Have a Kit-Kat

Im taking a little bit of a back seat again when it comes to wow. I’m still logging in for a bit now and again; in fact did my first gruul and mag run the other night, which was really exciting. For the most part though im not spending much time online.

However, that’s not to say im not keeping in touch… My reader has been super busy this last week with all the wrath news hitting the web. Incase you’ve been under a rock somewhere, the beta has begun, and invites have commenced. From what I can tell they’ll be doing it in waves, so if you haven’t already done so, go sign up for the beta under account management now!

Lots of news coming from the beta so far… and im sure there will be plenty more where that came from, but I’ll save my views on that for another day.

Oh oh ….. my post subject had a hidden meaning today…. As of Friday gone, we have a kitten in the flat…. Unfortunately for us, this isn’t a permanent arrangement, as we have bought him for my mums birthday next week. In the mean time though we’re really enjoying having him around (even if he wares us out silly), and when he’ all big and stuff, he’ll make the perfect hunters companion….