Monday, 16 February 2009

Raid Etiquette – Loot

Raiding has changed considerably over time, from the 40 man raids in vanilla to the 25 man in burning crusade. With the introduction of wrath we went to normal and heroic raids, reportedly to enable even the casual gamer the chance of raid glory.

My concerns however arise over the distribution of loot. I have been running with the same people for years now, ever since two guilds merged in vanilla wow. Its not always been smooth sailing, but we have a mature bunch of players, with an equal respect of each other, and therefore give or take, raids have always been a pleasant experience.

With the recent changes in wow, loot and raid etiquette has changed. No longer is it our fellow class-mates that we are to be considerate of, but in fact most of the raid. There are many examples, but I’ll pick a recent case that I was not directly involved in.

[Hood of Rationality], which drops from malygos.

In my opinion, based on the current version of wow (excluding forthcoming regen changes), this is the best in slot head piece for priests. However in our short sighted excitement at getting said loot, we forget that arguably, this piece is also best in slot for warlocks. See their spellpower mechanics relate directly to their spirit, and given the crit rating and sockets, they too drool over this piece.

Who should get the [Hood of Rationality]?

Being a priest I know where my allegiance lies, but that’s not to say im right, in fact I am most probably wrong. In these cases it comes down to the individuals. We do not have a loot council and I don’t think its something we would even consider, we have a simple dkp system, and for the most part it works, people are considerate, and if something is a bigger upgrade for person x they can usually have it! But there are still cases where someone will be left seething that a warlock has taken the best priest item in game, but trust that the warlock feels exactly the same when you take the same item!!!

There was a much simpler time, when dps took spellpower and priests took healing gear. However, here and now, we are all equal and the chances are in some cases we want exactly the same things! Whether it be today, next week or next month, you will get the gear you want, and I guarantee the less you worry, the more satisfying new loot is.

Raids are about clearing content…. And I guarantee you cant do it alone!

Has it really been four years?

Happy Birthday everyone!

It had been a busy weekend, and it is only now that ive had time to catch up on my reading.

Most of you will remember that lovely little polar bear we all received a few months back to celebrate the 4th anniversary of wow! At the time I thought it was strange, it didn’t seem the right time of year, but I thought no more of it. Today though, everything realigned and made sense, for it was not until the 11th February 2004, that us lucky residents of the EU received the game to end what social lives we had intact.

I am one of these people that have played since the very first launch night…. I remember the queues to get online that first night, but what I didn’t realise was that it was merely 4 years ago that this first started. Had I done the math, im sure I would have realised it was only 4 years, however when I think about wow, the experiences I’ve had, the people I’ve met, I find it hard to imagine it being such a short time.

I want to take this opportunity to thank blizz, all the people I have played with over the years, but most importantly my girlfriend, as if it was not for wow, I would not be the happiest priest in Azeroth!