Thursday, 5 June 2008

The unseen Flaw (in my plan)

Following yesterdays blog, I had no intentions of going home and sitting in front of the pc screen to play WoW. However what I had stupidly forgotten was the allure of Warcraft, the addiction that needs to be fed.

See, some warcraft players will tell you that they’re not addicted, that they can quit at any time, and that they only play because they enjoy it, not because they need it. Other players will openly admit they cant go one single day without thinking, living and playing the game!!!

I, at the moment, fall into the second category, and have done for large proportions of time since its initial launch. See, for all the will in the world I wanted to go home last night, do house work, watch tv and NOT play WoW, but instead, I did no house work, watched no tv, and focused on my pc screen all night.

Subsequent to my post yesterday I aired some of my views to my guild, told them, in a round about way, that I was unhappy in being left out of Kara (rightly or wrongly), whilst not questioning the authority to do so.

(as a point of reference, I used to be an officer, I know what a hard job it is, and I know from experience how little respect people can have for the difficult decisions that are made by those officers. Therefore despite any difference I may have with people, I will always respect the role they play in the guild, even though I may not respect them)

Anyway, after all my bitching and whining last night and due to other people dropping out, I got to go to Kara. Again I think I did ok, nothing spectacular, but many thanks to Yit who provided me with valuable advice throughout. I know I have lots to learn.

I still want to try and take a step back, but I really don’t think I can! With WOTLK around the corner, should I really be bothering with Kara, should I be concentrating more on damage gear for the new expansion? Lots of choices and decisions to make!

For now, I’ll stay holy and enjoy what im doing, but also make an effort to get some “off-spec” gear rather than see it being sharded!!