Wednesday, 14 May 2008

It’s a big bad world

Before the burning crusade, I was a fully fledged, full time, got no life, raider! I would consistently spend 40+ hours a week playing wow, and a large proportion of that time in MC, BWL, AQ, ZG, and the remaining few hours grinding to pay my repair bill.

Interstingly, whilst I think I’ll rant about it later I just want to mention it in passing. The amount of people that have never heard of Molton Core and Black Wing Layer is astonishing to me, I bump into more people that haven’t heard of it than have. I can deduce from this that over 50% of the current wow population (on my server at least) are completely new to wow since TBC!

Anyway, back to the topic in hand.

Since TBC was released I have pretty much solo’d my way to 70 (on two toons). On Cav I still don’t even have my kara key, and shes supposed to be my main. In total I think ive run maybe three of the BC instances, and even then I was probably being carried a little bit. This brings me onto my dilemma……

My guild is currently recruiting for some new raiding healers, which is really enticing to me as I really want to see the content. My girlfriend is being supportive of this idea (in theory) at the moment, although I don’t want WoW to cause any unnecessary problems (past experience tells me it will). So all that said, whats stopping me? Ive decided it’s a fear of failure.

See I used to be an MT (pre-tbc), and I always though I was ok at it. Of course I haven’t done any group (let alone raid) healing since that time, and im a little worried that a) I wont be able to hold my own, and b) If I am crap the illusion that I used to be pretty good will disappear.

I think im going to try and arrange to heal some heroics this week/weekend and see how I get on, if its positive then maybe I’ll sign up for the next kara run….

I think I need to talk to Lois about this a bit more though, I can see myself being sucked back into this more and more each day (hour).

Show me the Money

Whilst browsing the AH last night it struck me that the value of some pre-tbc items is ridiculous atm…. For example a stack of thorium bars are currently selling from 40-50g!!

Admittedly I then spent an hour grinding thorium to earn some quick cash, but even then its still excessively over-priced.

This got me thinking!! What pre-tbc items are selling at inflated prices on your servers??