Thursday, 31 July 2008

Life After Kit

so, as i mentioned in a previous post we had a had adopted a little kitten for a short time. Sadly, he has now moved on to his permanent home and it has upset me more than i thought it would. We only had him for a week, although it felt much more, and he certainly became a large part of our family. Sure, he was a pain in the arse, and he'd snap at your heals whenever you got up, but we loved him.

So yesterday was an emotional day, but ive got to try and put that at the back of my mind today, as the builders are in. See at the beginning of the month, our up stairs neighbours decided to block their toilet. Now usually this wouldnt have been a problem, but at the same time their overflow was broken. Basically this means that the toilet continued to fill, but with it being blocked the water had nowhere to go. Eventually it overflowed, and a little bit later we had it coming through our ceiling.

The damage of this was so significant that today, im have the whole bathroom ceiling torn down and a new one put up. As i right this the builders are banging away. I expect that any second now another neighbour will knock on the door to complain about the banging, and thats why i cant be upset about the cat, because i need to be on top of my game for today.

So, not one mention of wow in this post, maybe i'll do one of those later today.