Tuesday, 29 July 2008

I got the Beta blues!!

So for those of us that didn’t get into the beta, all we can do is wait for the ever-closer expansion to be released before we get our hands on the new content. Of course, this doesn’t prevent us from reading all about it. I don’t know about you guys but my reader is jam-packed full of ever evolving WOTLK news. Where possible, I try not to read these in to much depth, as i don’t want too many spoilers (and in any case I have plenty of [current] content to investigate / read about / write about).

Interestingly though I have already reserved a name for my death knight, its not very original and im sure I’ll take plenty of stick for picking it, but I think its pretty cool. That’s all im gonna say about that for now, and you’ll have to come back and visit me post wrath to find out how uber cool (geeky) I really am!

Talking of death knights though, has anyone had any thoughts on which race they are going to use? I’ll probably wait to see what gear looks good on what races before choosing, although at the moment im thinking of picking a dwarf, mainly as it’s the only race I don’t currently have an alt for. what about you?


Merlot said...

Ha, I got my name reserved too!

I'm toying with the idea of undead, but worried that's too much of a cliche. What do you think? Failing that, it'll probably be an orc as that's the only horde race I don't have.

cavalla said...

That’s an interesting one. Ive always liked the character models for the undead, however I have a sneaky suspicion that it wont be best suited to the DK class. See, the problem with undead is they don’t have any meat on them, and [for obvious reasons] appear thin and scraggly. DK’s are supposed to be all-powerful and I just wonder whether it will look at bit odd having massive plate armour on a small frame??

The best example I could give of similar merits would be night elf warriors…. I have a night elf warrior (he was my first character), but when he wears full plate tanking gear he looks, well, ridiculous. Maybe ridiculous is a bit harsh, but the class doesn’t suit the race, nelfs are to tall and thin and plate armour just doesn’t sit right on their frame, and I would just worry that DK’s would be the same.

At the end of the day its all down to personal preference, and I’d be the first to admit that I don’t go solely on how cool I look. I also look at racials and the like, to give me the best chance to succeed.

Whether its undead, troll, dwarf or human, expect there to be a mass of cookie cutter avatars around eastern plaguelands come release week!