Tuesday, 13 May 2008


EDIT: Before you read this, know that I wrote it in Late January 2008, around the time that I started blogging for my own benefit. I always intended to publish it online, but never got the time. Since this was written I have had a 3month absence from wow! However that’s all about to change!!! Enjoy this…. My first post, and the many more I intend to make in the coming months!

Firstly, Welcome! You’re either here because ive told you to check out my blog, or you’ve unknowingly stumbled across me. My name’s James, although my friends around Azeroth will know me more commonly as Cavalla. (or if you know me from outside of WoW, more likely, wondeboy).

It took me a while to decide what I was going to name my blog, and what I was going to talk about. See I spend a huge percentage of my life working and sleeping, the other 30% of time is spent on hobbies and my significant other. My girlfriend and I met on warcraft some time ago, and about 18months ago we started dating. Now we live together and that’s really when my life began…ok…. this sounds very soppy and not really what I had planned at all…

Misty I love you, but for now back to the blog.

As you can probably gather I’ve been playing warcraft from the word go. My first ever character was actually a gnome warlock, but given my lack of mmo experience, I couldn’t really get to grips with the vulnerability of a caster, and so I re-rolled a nelf warrior. Tayend and I got to about level 45 together, until I got bored. I think it was around that time that I started to play other consoles and other games, and I just didn’t have time for wow anymore. So I quit…

Fast forward 6 or so months and I was missing wow, I was still keeping in touch with my old guild, the more I spoke to them, the more I wanted to return…. One night, completely out of the blue I re-subbed, and re-rolled, this time with Cavalla my human priest… Levelling a second time round was actually quite refreshing, going to new places with a new toon. It all seemed to happen so fast though, within 10 days play time I was level 60 and I wanted more….

We set up alliance with other guilds, we wanted to hit all the new content… and eventually there was an official merge of guilds, my old Guild, the one I loved so much, was gone… The Defiance was no more…… It was getting to that point again, I was losing my love of warcraft…. Soon after I quit for the second time, but that wasn’t the end of the story…..

This time I went completely cold turkey, I didn’t look at a warcraft website or talk to my old friends, I just went …. It was the best for everyone, but it changed nothing. Within less than two months I was back again, and to a mixed reception… There had been some recruitment in my absence and they weren’t that happy with the way I waltzed back into the guild…. None the less I came back pumped and spent many a night battling away at new content in MC and BWL (which I will mention in my first “proper” blog).

The Burning Crusade Came and went, I levelled Cav to 70, she got her flying mount, blah blah blah… My girlfriend I then stopped playing warcraft for a while, I cant remember why exactly, but we did. We got on with our lives, bought a flat together and that was it.

Until a couple of weeks before moving day… All of a sudden I wanted wow, and I wanted it now! 6 months later an its January 2008, and im still playing warcraft, all-be-it, differently to how I used to. I don’t raid, I play for fun, part time if you will. Originally when I came back Cav got all the attention, getting her some new gear, doing some quests, having fun…. Then I took Tay from 60-70… mainly because the 70 grind is awesome in outlands, and now im playing my hunter Masahashi and my Warlock (the one I first started) Treacle.

So I guess that’s a not so brief summary of who I am (wow-wise) and where I’ve come from… My original plan is to update this as regularly as possible, I guess we’ll see how it goes…