Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Define Casual

Its been less than a day since I resubbed and im already feeling the burn. Everywhere I go on the interweb I read about casual wow players, and every time I read this I wonder… what is a casual wow player. Is it not raiding that makes you casual, is it only playing 2 hours a week, or is it less than 10 hours. Is it purely based on time spent in game.

I only ask this because after less than one day resubbed, and three hours of gameplay im hooked.

Im not casual, I don’t just play when I can, I want to play it now, tonight, tomorrow, next week!! Whats worse is im writing this post sat at my desk at work. Ive spent all day thinking of wow (whist managing to do some work), and yet to my fellow players, friends and guildies, I am classified as casual!!!

Now, im going to close down the internet and do some work, and pray that I can find a wow / life / work balance before the week is out.

Warcraft is important to me, its in my blood, but im not going to let it consume me this time….