Friday, 8 May 2009

What do you call a raid without a healing coordinator?


Since wrath we have always had two healers with an outstanding commitment to knowing a fight inside out and the pressures each encounter puts on the healers. However one of those people has now quit wow, and who knows if or when he may return. That leaves one! Despite the fact he has fantastic raid attendance, sometimes people just cant make a raid, and last night, he couldn’t.

So, where did this leave us? Right up shit creek tbh.. we had 7 healers all asking the same question…. What do we do? Ive only really been in Ulduar once, and so im not an expert on the encounters, and so in the end we all chipped in, trying to work out the best assignments for each of the healers. Leading a raid, group, or healers is never an easy task, and one I don’t really welcome, but I think im going to take it upon myself to be more aware of the encounters, what happens, where damage spikes occur etc… with a view to fill in the void if ever required again. Its also important that you know what each of your team excels at, be it group healing or MT/OT. For further information on leadership, i refer you to Lodur.

Has anyone else had experience in leading a raid? How did you find it? If you don’t, what would you do to change the way healing is assigned in your guild?


Blessing said...

I am currently the Healing Lead in my guild. My biggest piece of advice is to be clear, very clear! Assignments should be as detailed as possible. Everyone should know what their job is.

The first thing that I learned is saying "All remaining" raid heal, does not work. It's best to assign people a group or two to be responsible for and then tell them to cover where they can. That gives each raid healer direction instead of everyone trying to heal the same person.

There's so much more, but then I'd just be typing a blog post in your comments!! Being as detailed as possible is probably the biggest one.