Monday, 27 April 2009

The List

Practically anyone that knows me will tell you im lazy, flaky and crap at planning things out, and they’d all be wrong, I plan things plenty, I just don’t write anything down. Again, that’s probably not completely accurate, in fact every night with out fail I go home with at least two post-it-notes attached to my wallet. The information on these varies from "cook dinner" to titles of potential blog posts, but the one thing they all have in common is that they get lost. Before they hide from me though I usually get a chance to cross 1 or 2 of the jobs up, but needless to say, I completely forget the other 10,000 things I want/need/should be doing.

So, ive decided to come up with a list. A list of things that I still want to obtain or achieve in wow. This doesn’t including raiding as that’s just part of the working week, but instead smaller things that I can work on/through at my own pace.

Anyway, enough rambling, here we go!
  • White polar bear!
  • Complete all icecrown quests
  • Exalted with with argent crusade
  • Exalted with knights of ebon blade
  • Exalted with timbermaw
  • Investigate the argent tournament
  • Try out the new fishing dailies
  • Obtain 100 cooking tokens (you know what they’re for :P)
  • Level Tayend to 80 (warrior)
  • Level Masahashi to 80 (hunter)
  • Level my Mage and Warlock to 80 (this may take a while as they are 13 and 35 respectively)
  • Solo some BC instances
  • Exalted with netherwing
  • Exalted with skyguard
  • Obtain 100 mounts
  • Obtain 75 companions
  • Complete some fishing achievements

That’s quite a comprehensive list of things id like to do over the coming months, however obviously completing the Wrath goals is my first priority and the rest will follow as and when I have a spare 5 years!

Seeing as at the moment I have only been logging in an hour before raids, which is just enough time to do 2 or 3 dailies, this list could take some time to complete. I’ll keep you posted on my progress