Monday, 19 May 2008

Out of Touch

Reading the recent comments on the blog im starting to realise more and more that ive lost touch with WoW, but more specifically priest mechanics!

I thought that i knew it all when it came to my class and my role in groups. More and more this is becoming unclear to me.

Ive noticed increasingly that groups dont seem to look for a holy priest! There are so many capable healing classes out there now to do the job we used to do so well.

Is there space for four healing classes on wow? Are holy priests becoming obsolete? Will there be another shift in power before WOTLK?

that was a lot of questions, maybe they were more rhetorical than anything, but i would like to think that there is still space for holy priests on warcraft.


Cynra said...

Regarding the issue of people not wanting Holy priests, that can go back and forth. Usually I don't have a lot of problems getting into groups because healers are difficult to find; other times, however, there are close-minded people who refuse to take me because they favor one healing class over another. These are the individuals that balk at going into an instance with anything other than a Protection paladin or doing Magisters' Terrace with -- heaven forbid! -- less than three forms of crowd control.

For example, a while back I was looking to do the heroic daily. It very well may have been Shattered Halls, but I can't remember. Either way, I was signed up in LFM with my normal tag up (2000 healing unbuffed. Blind invites promptly declined -- thanks!) and was contacted by a group. I told them, Sure, fellahs! I'm free t' help ya out if'n ya want! and accepted their invite. Two minutes later I was kicked out of the group -- for a pick up shaman with barely 1200 healing.

Their reasoning? Cloth doesn't provide enough armor and I'd die too frequently. I was gloating three and four hours later when they still hadn't even managed to complete the gauntlet.

Aylii said...

One good thing about having 4 healing classes is you actually need all 4, (In 25 man raiding at least). If you do not have at least 1 one each, you find yourself missing something vital :)