Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Valerius do Naxx

Right then, I’ll get right to it.

Last night was out first foray into the wrath-raiding content. It was an eventful night and probably surpassed all of our original expectations on how far we would get.To summarise, we cleared the whole of the spider wing, and then took down the first boss in the plague wing (although I don’t know if that’s its actual name). From a boss encounter point of view they were all quite interesting with their own individual quirks.

From a healing perspective (which is the reason you’re here), we took two priests and a shammy. This felt about the right level of healing, although im sure we can reduce this to two healers once we are better geared. The only boss that seemed to give us real trouble was Maexxna, mainly due to her raid wide cocoon effect, which relied on our HoT’s to keep the tank up. For one reason [tactic] or another we couldn’t keep the tank up whilst she was enraged. A quick change of tactics seemed to resolve this, and on we went.

All in all it was a very successful initial foray into Naxx and one that we are going to venture into again tonight to refine our tactics. All being well we may even get to see a few new encounters [fingers crossed].

Interestingly, on a personal note, my new healing spec seemed to work a treat. When accompanied by raid buffs, my mana regeneration was very good, and although I could probably use a little more intellect and spellpower it all felt pretty good.