Friday, 25 July 2008



Basically I need a new herbie. Cavalla used to be a herbie pre-tbc but then she took up the fine art of tailoring, which I cant drop now, nor can I drop alchemy as that comes in handy for the transmutes.

Tayend is both a miner and jewel-crafter, cant really give either of those up at the moment.

Masahashi is a leatherworker, and [you guessed it] skinner. Now im tempted to give up leatherworking, but I cant really decide. From what I see on the AH there aren’t many boe hunter leatherworking patterns worth having, although raid content provides some good craftables….

I guess im in a situation whereby I have to make a decision between dropping leatherworking (or skinning) to take up herb’ing, or do I create another character and have them as a herby. I really wanted to get my hunter to 70 before wotlk, but I think im looking at an impossible task of getting him and another to 70 in the next 2-6 months….

What are peoples opinions on leatherworking for hunters, is it worth it?