Friday, 23 May 2008

This Week

I’ve been a bit slack on the posting front this week, mainly because I was grinding my arse off in order to try and get a kara run, but alas, my gear still wasn’t up to scratch (need to find approx +100 sta somewhere).

So between matt grinding for my whitemend set and doing a bunch of Sunwell dailies I haven’t had much time for anything else.

Which reminds me, I drafted a post Monday evening, but never got round to publishing it

Dailies are quite new to me, I’ve never been a huge fan of them, a lot of them are quite time consuming, and so I just don’t do them. That was until I came across the daily hub for Sunwell, great group of dailies, can all be done within an hour, perfect little rep grind. Im doing it on both toons atm, and the 250g for 2hrs work comes in handy too.

Are you a daily’oholic or just grind whatever you need at the time? What do you think of the sunwell dailies, should all dailies be that simple?


anivyl said...

personally, i never thought the previous dailies were hard. albeit, i did wish that there were more, simply because 10 a day wasn't enough and also the netherwing quests were out of my reach due to the 5k gold pre-requisite.

but i will admit, i love the choices that come with sunwell dailies now :) Good luck to your farming.

Cynra said...

I dailied when the whim struck me. Between two 70s and two other post-60 characters, there was always a lot of opportunity for me to pick up more quests to get more reputation and more gold. The nice thing about the new quests -- as you noted -- are that they're more or less situated around the same general vicinity. This allows me to do a handful with relative ease and without too much time. I can also select which hub I want to do, which helps prevent them from getting too tedious.

Since I've cut back the amount of time I play in-game these days (mostly due to real-life barriers, including work!), I usually do a handful to get ready for raids. I'm a yo-yo raider in that I've gone from two days a week raiding to six then down to four and back down to a comfortable two and then suddenly jumping back up to four, so my in-game time is prioritized with raiding and being sociable.

As for the Stamina, look for PvP gear. It's heavily itemized for survivability and you can easily get a piece or two of high Stamina pieces to switch into when the situation warrants. Stack them with Stamina gems, throw a health enchant or two on, and you should be good to go. You can purchase the Season 1 gear without ever stepping foot into the Arena -- though I'd highly recommend doing Arena if only for the better gear and for the experience. With my PvP gear I can hit around 10,000 health unbuffed, which in wonderful for fights where survivability is a greater factor than pure unadulterated healing prowess.

You don't even need to break your set bonuses to get that Stamina. Consider:
* Veteran's Pendant of Salvation: 30 Stamina for 11,934 Honor and 10 Eye of the Storm Mark of Honor
* Veteran's Band of Salvation: 30 Stamina for 11,934 Honor and 10 Alterac Valley Mark of Honor
* Gladiator's Salvation: 28 Stamina for 25,200 Honor and 20 Eye of the Storm Mark of Honor
* Gladiator's Reprieve: 21 Stamina for 9,000 Honor and 20 Eye of the Storm Mark of Honor

That's 109 Stamina without breaking your set bonuses and they're probably improvements to what you have right now. However, I'd recommend not using these are part of your core sets when you get better gear mainly because they're itemized for PvP and not suitable for raiding except as situation warrants. As soon as you get those happy Badge of Justice, start buying that be-a-u-ti-ful new Spirit-laden badge gear. It'll make you swoon!

Keep in mind that you don't need a minimum amount of health to do Karazhan (or even Serpentshrine Cavern or Tempest Keep), but being able to fall back on a Stamina set will help you a lot when you move further into raiding.